Friday, 7 January 2011

Recycling material

During the years I ran my own training and management development company I changed my writing focus, producing material mainly for trainers and facilitators, and learning resources for the business reader. These were normally produced in interactive DVD format and, while they sold well in the market, were never really generally available on Amazon and the like (not least because of the high price point). Now, with the advent of Kindle publishing I have been able to rewrite and recycle some of this material in the Kindle format. Although, of course, it loses the advantage of high resolution graphics and interactivity, the nub of the learning material is still there, and because it has only cost me time to produce I have made it available almost free. In fact, that's what I've called the new Kindle mini-book series. Over the last two or three months I have published in this format:

Almost Free: Creativity A-Z

Almost Free: Murphy's A-Z

Almost Free: 20 Change Exercises for Group Workshops

Almost Free: 20 Ice-Breakers & Inclusion Activities

Almost Free: 20 Vision Exercises for Group Workshops

I don't write training material anymore, dedicating myself exclusively now to my novels and short stories, but I'm pleased I put some time aside to make earlier published material in this field available to new users in this way. It's not really a commercial venture - I don't expect to earn much from these 99p minibooks (though I see I've sold a few already) - but it means that work I spent a fair proportion of my working life developing and producing can reach out to more people than was possible in the original format.

As I've said before in previous posts, I am a fan of this new way of publishing, although I acknowledge generic concerns people rightly have about quality control and the risks of confusing the market through saturation. The truth is, exactly those doubts  were expressed about the internet itself in the early days, and where would we be without it now? Not writing or reading this post, that's for sure.

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  1. These look really great! If I ever return to the classroom, I will remember them.