Thursday, 24 March 2011

'Regret' reaches ABNA quarter final

Last year my thriller novel 11:59 reached the semi-final stage of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, and was subsequently published by Wild Wolf.

This year I thought I would try my luck again with my newly-cmpleted ms of a historical novel about the railway pioneers George and Robert Stephenson, Mr Stephenson's Regret. I have just discovered that I have so far reached the quarter final stage of the 2011 Award, with the semi-finalists to be announced on 26 April.

At this stage an opening extract from the novel is read and commented upon by two specially-selected and independent ABNA reviewers. This is what the reviewers had to say about my extract.
ABNA Expert Reviewer 1
What is the strongest aspect of this excerpt?
Interesting historical fare...well composed prose with imaginative descriptions, punchy verbs, believable characters, respect to time and place. The story flowed with authentic dialogue. I wanted more; I will read this if it is published. Historical fiction is a weighty endeavor as the author has to employ such lengthy research. This author has done the work as well as honing writing skills that are delightful to read.
What aspect needs the most work?
There are grammatical and punctuation mistakes, but too few to mention. They will be picked up by copy editors.
What is your overall opinion of this excerpt?
A fine historical drama highlighting the onset of the railway system in 1800's London. Strongly written characters, flawed and likeable alike, carry the plot, while inventive descriptive words, assorted verbs, and similes dance us through the pages. 
Very well written. Interesting conception. I wish you all the best. If published, I will purchase this book as I am interested in what is happening. 
Good luck. You deserve many accolades for this fine offering.
ABNA Expert Reviewer 2
What is the strongest aspect of this excerpt?
The scene between Robert and Mr Robinson is very well done. Nice!
What aspect needs the most work?
What I have seen so far is well written.
What is your overall opinion of this excerpt?
This is nicely done. It's very evocative of the time period, the settings are very vivid and the characters well drawn. Very well written!

ABNA have now made the quarter final extracts available for general review. It would be really helpful to have reviews of my extract on site, so if you have time please visit, read and review. My category is Historical Fiction and my extract from 'Mr Stephenson's Regret' is no. 40. There is rather a long-winded link below which should take you direct to the Kindle download link. Many thanks.

I have reprinted below the extract from Mr Stephenson's Regret that was submitted for the award. If you like, you could read the extract here and leave your review at the site above. Whichever way you go, I appreciate your time on this. 

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